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> Sorry, but I do not find this to be true. At least not in my German LO, so
> this is probably more of an l10n issue.  

Yes it was incorrect for me to say we as I meant I as i only deal with english.

> Take for instance the context menu (menu key or right mouse button) in
> Writer, which triggered my above rant:  From to  seven out
> of ten accelerators were changed where there was absolutely no need:  
> • Einfügen  from i to n 
> • Inhalte einfügen  from I to h 
> • Zeichen…  from c to Z 
> • Absatz…  from b to t
> • Aufzählungszeichen  from u to ä 
> • Absatzvorlage  from nothing to e 
> • Synonyme  from m to S  

Yes the context menu went through a major change, as it is now possible for
users to change it and many of the old strings were lost with this change and
would need to be reintroduced.

> And where could I customize this context menu?  Which is not an option
> anyway because I use LO in different versions on five different Linux
> machines (Mint LMDE Mate) plus sometimes on colleague's Windows machines…  

Its only available in 5.2 and you can install it on any version of linux or
windows by downloading the install from the website.

> Can you feel my pain?  Do you really expect users to comb through all menus
> every few weeks and write a dozen bug reports about moved accelerators? 
> Just compiling these examples took a good hour.

Yes i can feel your pain, but users who jump between multiple different
versions of any software will experience changes and pains. Unfortunately
maintaining accelerators keys across different versions isnt something that can
be achieved or set high priority on, so i'd recommend you stick with a version
that you are comfortable with until things completely setting down with

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