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> Won't that hide this from other users who need to protect themselves? I
> think this should be taken as an enhancement request, to make it easier to
> find these accessibility settings, when they exist.

I agree.  I don't think this issue should be closed as "resolved" quite yet...

I am VERY glad there is an "expert configuration" option.  This will help a lot
of people (if they can ever find it).  However, I thought part of the point of
this bug/enhancement report/request was to also have something more visible for
users to use in the UI to control it.

For example- in Tools-> Options-> Accessibility-> Misc Options   there are
already checkboxes for "allow animated graphics" and "allow animated text".  It
seems logical that if a user said they don't want to see animated graphics,
that would include animated graphics of the selection process (or any other
screen animation).  Perhaps not, but it seems plausible.  And if not, then if
we have THOSE two available in options, why not add an "allow copy/paste
animation" or "allow selection animation" option right there with them?

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