--- Comment #35 from Heiko Tietze <> ---
We have different levels of visibility for options:
* always on top (toolbar/sidebar) for features most frequently and repeatedly
used in a session
* easy accessible (main/context menu) for features that are used a few times in
a session
* user configuration (options dialog) for things that are usually not changed
and if set onetime
* expert settings (registry) for options that are harmful when used wrong and
very unlikely changed

You can always ask to what level a feature belongs, and depending on your use
case the more prominent position might make sense. 

In the particular case the animated frame (usually called "marching ants") is a
useful and familiar feature, annoying (but not disruptive) for only a few
users, with the very simple corrective action to press escape. Promoting it to
T>O would lead to confusion and requires documentation. The unclear relation to
existing animations [1] is another argument against having it in T>O.

If we stay with hidden expert options I'm strongly against making it available
somewhere. (The alternative is to move away from hidden options in general and
have _all_ in T>O.)


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