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LO 4.3 screenshot

OK, found an older version in a VM and added a screenshot of LO 4.3. While
admittedly not optimal, the handles there are 10 times better than the current
solution - with respect to aesthetics *and* usability.

And just as an aside: the black rectangle of the current left handle is wider
than the border of the side-bar (see other screenshot). Any graphics-designer
worth his money would agree that this is completely unacceptable and
amateurish. Nothing like that would have survived even the early stages of a
professional review-process.

So, my recommendation is: 
1) revert commit b951771244d511c140a7c84181a1e160d9ef97c1 asap - that would be
an instant and very relevant improvement for LO

2) if you are absolutely sure (preferably from user-feedback) that you *really*
have to enhance the visibility of the handles, involve a graphics-designer and
take time to find a good solution - another blunder would be devastating

Don't treat this issue lightly. From a marketing point of view things like that
can make or break a product. And if I were in charge of LO, reverting that
commit and call a graphics-designer would be the first thing I would do in the
first hour of the first day in the office. ;)

So long and good luck!

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