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> (In reply to Rainer Fiebig from comment #10)
> > OK, found an older version in a VM and added a screenshot of LO 4.3. While
> > admittedly not optimal, the handles there are 10 times better than the
> > current solution - with respect to aesthetics *and* usability.
> Try to see how noticeable the handles are in the old version when the
> sidebar is completely closed (bug 83527 was about that, and that's why it's
> been changed). 
I said they are not optimal. But once you know where they are, you find them if
needed. And in the meantime you don't notice them. Good!

They don't need to be and must not be "in your face" all the time: an indicator
is enough. The handles are in the middle of the window, not at the edge. Which
means: exactly where you look when you work on a document. And this makes them
so distracting in their current form. Put another way: you've got
*eye-catchers* where you don't want them.
> But let's not argue about that,
I disagree. That bug-report is obviously at the heart of the matter. The
headline sets people on the wrong track. It focuses them on "color" instead of
"visibility". Imagine this headline: 

"Enhance visibility of sidebar buttons"

This opens a whole world of other possibilities than just "color".

> the point here is the difference in the
> handle's background color between attachment 140513 [details] (5.3.7) and
> attachment 140488 [details] (5.4.5).
Sorry, that's *not* the point. The point is that it's bad and ugly. And whether
it's bad and ugly or somewhat *less* bad and ugly is irrelevant. Reminds me of
line in a Huey Lewis song: "... sometimes bad is bad".

But I think we have reached a point where further discussion is a waste of
time. You now either see what's obvious or not. In the latter case, I can't
help it.

Thanks for your time and kind regards!

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