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--- Comment #14 from V Stuart Foote <> ---
Of course, always some potential to change the visuals of the grips as
implemented by Tomaž in solving bug 83527.  Use of a single full width triangle
pointer in 7px x 72px size and using the "DarkShadowColor" for fill of the grip
 (as extracted from DE theme in use) remains IMHO the correct choice cross
platform and especially for our HiDPI scaling needs. Not sure an alternative
shading/color drawn from DE theme is possible.

But, OPs use case of a Navigator (F5) docked left with its width extended,
places its "Hide/Show" grip into center of view. And I do think we can do
something to remove that visual noise. Near term we should remove the grips
from the "temporary [1]" 2nd Navigator deck (linked to its F5 toggle).

Longer term  do we even need include the "Hide/Show" grips when implementing
detached Sidebar decks (bug 85905)? Probably not. 

Samuel, Tomaž?

[1] as worked out in bug 73151, F5 will continue to control a 2nd detached
Navigator (using the Sidebar deck/content panels structure) to support having
Navigator and Style decks visible at the same time.

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