--- Comment #8 from Florian Reisinger <> ---
If (as currently built in) the content of the file is changed there is no way
going back!

If (in some way) the conversion is happening in a separate file, the user at
least has the change of moving back to an older (probable insecure) release of

I guess we all agree that the currently implemented behavior is not in any way
user friendly. It - in fact - will scare users away.

However, especially if we have a release with both database drivers we can
automatically compare the result of reports. Most read-only reports will change
if executed not in the same moment.

The hardest requirement would be to try converting to a new file and checking
all reports and fail (or give a warning with the name of the reports) when the
result are not identical.

Only with such a dynamic test suite we would have a chance to make the
transition as smooth as possible,

I hope you agree to my statement that the current situation must not be
released and that the conversation must happen to a new file.

Some might complain that this is similar to introducing a new algorithm for
encrypting documents, which also break compatibility with AOO and older
versions of LibO. However the complexity of implementing / using a different
encryption function cannot be compared to switching to a different database
backend. Therefore a staged approach (marking Firebird non-experimental,
creating new ODB files with Firebird, converting old databases OPTIONALLY,
removing HSQLDB) should be spitted up to more than one maybe 3 or more
releases. Bugs will appear and we need to fix them with the fewest impact for
the user. A staged roll-out therefore is from the end user's point of view the
only real option!

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