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(In reply to V Stuart Foote from comment #11)

> There is ESC support for the implementation (Lionel is a member)

There is ESC support for the migration, and the change of default,
but not for the timing of it. HSQLDB and Firebird are two different
systems with two different SQL syntaxes, different feature sets, etc.
People that use Base as a development platform to make their own application
need a transition period to adapt their code.

IMO, the timing of the change of default for *new* databases is still not
decided for certain. It might happen for the next release, or later.
Depends on when bugs like 104918, 116935 and 116936 are fixed. See bug
51780 for the tracking of that. We may also want to wait for bug 116936
to be fixed.

Removing HSQLDB needs _time_ from the moment Firebird-in-LibreOffice is
stable, good quality, and has - broadly speaking - feature-parity with
HSQLDB. Bugs like 116936 are blocker for that. See bug 116970 for the
tracking of that.

> rather than stretching out the migration of internal HSQLDB to Firebird
> if the migration code is ready and gets well tested, there really is no
> practical UX reason to stretch out the pain point of the DB transition.

I feel that this POV comes from a view that all SQL engines are
interchangeable, they only differ in on-disk data storage format. For users
that only use Base as a graphical GUI to do stuff, that may even be, to a
moderate to large degree, true. However, for people using Base as an
application development platform, that is very much not true.

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