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Hate to be the lone voice of dissent here, but Tamás remains under tender from
the foundation to get the HSQLDB migration tool done correctly.

There is ESC support for the implementation (Lionel is a member) and rather
than stretching out the migration of internal HSQLDB to Firebird (that should
have happened long ago starting at bug 38811) if the migration code is ready
and gets well tested--as Tamás requested [1]--there really is no practical UX
reason to stretch out the pain point of the DB transition.

In fact there is much to be said for an ESC led effort to see this conversion
completed, diverting dev cycles where needed to get the DB and the Base UIs
finished. The project--and users--gain little by pushing it down the road with
a "transitional" period. 

Otherwise, deprecation notice for internal HSQLDB should be made now in 6.0
release notes.


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