--- Comment #26 from Alex Thurgood <> ---
@Julien : the title reflects the symptoms of the bug, so I wouldn't want to
change it unless there is a better way to describe that.

The use of "chunk" in comment 23 is my layman's way of wondering whether it
would be possible to have the migration assistant split the data into more
manageable chunks that would pass the 64K limit test that FB imposes. I don't
know how this could be done, or even if it is doable.

My remarks in comment 24 refer to whether our migration assistant code is
correctly handling the table data for VARCHAR fields when some of those fields
contain NULL values (as is the case with the test hsqldb file), and instead
seems to be trying to insert 4x5000 bytes e.g. for VARCHAR(5000) and a
corresponding number of bytes for the other VARCHAR fields which can also be
NULL in terms of actual data.

I guess that someone who knows the how the migration code works would be able
to answer this.

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