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No problem, I was just curious how you coordinate with Firebird dev that
doesn't depend on you, but is critical to the operation of the platform once
you go with it. 

>>IMHO, migration part should be removed since it's quite impossible to deal 
>>with all cases and limitations.

I agree. 

>>Finally, as Alex indicated nothing forces you to migrate to Firebird.
Now if you want absolutely to migrate, you should prepare your HSQLDB DB by
reducing column sizes (when it's possible of course) until it's ok for Firebird
Of course, make some backups before doing such things.

I don't want to migrate at all, especially with it in the twitchy unreliable
state it's in now. But the way the dialog was presented it essentially is
warning you that it's going to switch permanently so it's our way or the
highway. So I tested it with a duplicate file and here we are.

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