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On Sat, 2013-05-11 at 10:47 +0200, Mirek M. wrote:
I'm not the best person to design for the dialog.

Still I find this design from you :)


- I've added a description of the situation pre 4.0
Which is useful to consider proposals for the needed new situation

Also I added some ideas for
- the design by Mirek
- the places where this dialog may be used,

Is it then OK when I create a little changed mockup?

 59427 -  [Template Manager] low discoverability of new
 template manager
   - we could use "File → Organize templates" menu
 I agree

Still on the todo-list, sadly didn't manage to come to it.

What are your ideas?
I find this a nasty problem to solve.
One could think of:
   File > Template > Save     (exists in 4.0 in different wording)
   File > Template > Edit/Manage

but then the latter would simply open the new File from template dialog?

I've still not found any better idea.
If this is OK for all, I can try to help getting this in the code too.

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