Hello to all

Just to clarify this because I fear that my proposals have been 

>> 61396 - FILEOPEN: [Template Manager]Possibility to 
>> edit a template that is not in the repository, is lacking 
>> I saw a comment with the proposal : 
>> "when a user does "Open" from the "File" menu and selects a 
>> template, then LO should open the template" ; instead of 
>> creating a new file from the template". 

> Could work, but would _introduce_ the opposite problem, 
> that a user cannot start a new file from a template that 
> is not in the template repository...

My proposal is:

1. File> Open> Select a .ot(tsg...) file creates a new document 
(current behavior, no change)

2. File> Open> Select a .ot(tsg...) file *AND* select type: 
"ODF model xxx" edits the model

New behavior that does not introduce the problem raised by Cor:
- user can start a new file from any template
- user can edit any template
- the dialog already has everything that is needed. 
(no checkbox or other additional control required).

Thank you all to work on this subject
Best regards

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