--- Comment #31 from Tamas Bunth <> ---
from bug title:
"advise to backup data prior to migration at 6.1"

You can revert the migration by opening "content.xml" in the zipped structure
and replace the URL "sdbc:embedded:firebird" with "sdbc:embedded:hsqldb". This
will work, because the old HSQLDB data is still in the odb structure. You may
also want to remove "database/firebird.fbk" so it won't make any surprises when
you try to migrate next time.

Of course, the above method is not user friendly. I would like to suggest that
- instead of advising the user to backup it's data - we should revert the
changes automatically (with the above mentioned method) if the migration wasn't

By "wasn't successful" I mean that the sdbc driver throws an exception - which
indicates a lot of errors, but not all of them (e.g. what if something is just
missing in the new format). In these cases the user could still revert the
migration manually. Because of that, the above mentioned way to revert the
migration should be put into a wiki or something.

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