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On Wed, Nov 29, 2017 at 12:16:24PM +0100, Stephan Bergmann 
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Is there any good reason why a failed Gerrit/Jenkins build does not set the
corresponding Gerrit change's Verified flag to -1 (similar to how a
successful such build sets the flag to +1)?

Especially with the poor Jenkins turnaround times, it is hard to tell on a
page like <https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/dashboard/self> whether a change
is not yet ready for submission because Jenkins has not yet built it or
because the Jenkins build failed.  The "V" ("Verified") column is empty in
both cases.  (And I assume it would contain something like a red cross if
the Verified flag is -1.)

I think this was a decision from Norbert, probably because he was worried
about false negatives. A workaround is to watch your inbox (which gets a
mail, whatever is the outcome), rather than the above URL.

Except, you never get a mail about Jenkins success/failure if it wasn't you who sent the patch set to Gerrit.

I just happened to run into this scenario: Reviewed a Gerrit change from somebody else without commit rights. The Jenkins build had not yet finished when I reviewed the change. But the change looked good to me, and I was pretty sure it wouldn't cause build problems, so I set it to Code-Review +2. I wanted to wait for Jenkins' Verified +1 (to be on the save side after all) before submitting it. And I couldn't rely on the original author eventually submitting it once Jenkins gave it a Verified +1, as the author didn't have commit rights. So I felt obliged to see that change through until it was submitted. But how would I learn that the Jenkins build had failed after all? Only by polling on the change's specific URL, not by polling merely my dashboard page. Oh my.
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