On 25 Oct 2021 15:33, Richard Purdie wrote:
> This patch renames the --with-sysroot option to --with-libtool-sysroot
> to avoid namespace conflict with binutils, gcc and other toolchain
> components since these componets also add that option to configure
> and this becomes confusing and conflicting otherwise.

we're talking like 3 projects ?  libtool is used & included in way more
projects than that.  it seems like --with-sysroot as a standard name to
propagate out into the wider ecosystem makes more sense.

i agree there's confusion between "use this path as a sysroot to compile
and link against" and "have the compile tools target this sysroot".  the
same problem exists with host selection which is why we have the build,
host, and target options.  sounds like we want names that can align with
these somehow.

--with-libtool-sysroot doesn't make sense as it isn't an internal libtool
setting, it's changing how executables are linked, and users (who run the
configure scripts) don't know or care about this "libtool" thing.

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