Richard Purdie wrote:
FWIW gcc and binutils have gone with --with-sysroot and --with-build-
sysroot to differentiate. Unfortunately that doesn't really help
libtool (see below).

Sure but we when use libtool argument --with-sysroot we expect to work as is 
designed and documented .

--with-libtool-sysroot doesn't make sense as it isn't an internal libtool
setting, it's changing how executables are linked, and users (who run the
configure scripts) don't know or care about this "libtool" thing.
I think it partly depends upon how you view it. Most of the time
libtool uses `$CC --print-sysroot` to set this and therefore most users
wouldn't use the commandline option. In general you do want the
compiler/linker and libtool to be working the same way.
Hmm If I remember well this is GCC specific option.
Android does not use GCC i.e., it cannot find default paths.
More over include and library directories are different i.e. option does not 
make sense for Android cross-builds.
Remark: --with-sysroot should point to "library" in my cross-builds and another 
way is used to specify paths to headers.



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