> From: Tian, Kevin
> Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016 10:33 AM
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> > > Another example is class-specific attributes such
> > > as 'resolution', etc. which you listed under 'display class'. All those
> > > attributes should be moved to mdev directory. Only class ID is
> > > required under each type.
> >
> > Can you elaborate on what you're proposing here?  If we don't have
> > attributes like 'resolution' under the type-id then we can't describe
> > to the user the features of the mdev before we create it.  I don't
> > think anybody wants a 'create it and find out' type of interface.
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> I think such way would be racy. What about two clients creating mdev
> devices simultaneously? How to guarantee their configuration of class
> specific attributes not mutual-impacted since before creation any such
> configuration would be global under that type?
> My feeling is that we'd better keep create simple - just write a UUID
> to "type-id/create". Any class-specific attribute, if we really want to
> support, should be able to be individually configured with required
> resource allocated incrementally on top of basic resources allocated
> at create stage. Then libvirt can set those attributes between create
> and open a mdev device. If this direction is accepted, then naturally
> such attributes should be put under mdev directory. Possibly we
> don't need a class description under type-id. libvirt just checks directly
> whether any known class represented in each mdev directory (vendor
> driver will expose it on demand), and then operate attributes under
> that class.

Have a better understanding of your concern now. User needs to know
and set a list of attributes before requesting to create a new mdev
device. From this angle all attributes should be enumerated per type-id.
But as I explained above, writing multiple sysfs nodes to create a
mdev device is racy. We either need a way to guarantee transactional
operations on those nodes, or having type-id directory to only expose
supported attributes while programming those attributes has to be 
through per-mdev directory after mdev device is created...


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