Boud dropped me a note about this thread; I'm delighted to hear that 
else is working on any aspect of the MS Works format.

boud <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
 > Something else that may be useful - JesseW who edits the wikipedia 
has something
 > for dealing with the works database format - i don't know if this is 
 > in wps_test, since my wps document was just text, no DB stuff:
 >  - English 
description of
 > format.
 >  -> translates works db 
format to CSV
 > format:
 > As i said i haven't tested this. Hope it's useful for someone.

My code handles the MS Works spreadsheet/database formats (they are 
but very similar).  I'm not sure what versions it works with.  It can 
pull out
text cell contents, and some types of numbers (but not all; the 
floating point
format is horribly un-obvious); for now, I've been simply outputing the 
in CSV format, but if anyone is interested, I'd be totally open to 
adding OO
output or something else.

Someone mentioned they had a working copy of Works; I would be *really 
if they could hack up various test spreadsheets (i.e. the numbers from 
1 to 20
in various numerical formats, text with various attributes (i.e. bold, 
or anything else you can think of) upload them and send me the URL.  I'm
desprate for more testing material.  If it would be better, I can send 

   If anyone is interested in this, or has any pointers to other 
places/people I
should contact, please let me know.

Keep up the good work, everyone!

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