On 8/18/06, Andrew Ziem <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> William Lachance wrote:

> Yes.  It would save me and others effort to use the existing framework.
> > Of course,
> > there is the problem of figuring out how to properly factor all this
> > into a seperate library (libtextdocumentfilter?), which I don't really
> > have time to describe in detail right now. If people are really
> > interested in going in this direction, I could write a specification
> > on how I envision this working. Be warned: implementing the
> > specification would probably be a fair amount of work. :)
> Is this labor-intensive factoring actually required to start the Works
> filter?  By building Works on top of libwpd, my goal was to save "a fair
> amount of work." :)  Also, you could keep the existing name "libwpd" by
> just redefining "wpd" to mean "word processor document."

No, I definitely wasn't suggesting that you block development of the
Works filter until this was done. :) However, I'd definitely prefer to
keep libwpd focused on WordPerfect documents. Personally, what I'd do
in your case is start a new project from scratch, but go ahead and
copy over some of the more useful utility classes and functions (e.g.:
WPXHLListenerImpl, WPXString, etc.) into your work. So long as you
don't change them _too_ much, it should be easy to make both libwpd
and libwps depend on a common "text document filter library" at some
point in the future.

William Lachance

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