On 8/18/06, Ariya Hidayat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Andrew and others,
> Here is my 2 cents: "every file format is unique".
> I doubt it's quite difficult to merge two libraries which handle two
> different file formats, unless the formats are very similar (e.g. WP 5
> and WP 6). Thus, you need to have two libraries which - at some point
> - will differ a lot, depending on the format that you would want to
> handle.
> So in your case, yes, copy-and-paste in the beginning can't be
> avoided. But I believe (I'm glad if I'm proven wrong here), soon you
> need to invent some data structures unique to WPS which do not have
> their counterpart in WPD or which are difficult to handle if they were
> to be merged.
> Years ago I tried to make "an interface which rules them all" for all
> major word processor file formats. Of course, this attempt failed
> miserably (too complicated and humanly unmanageable), and hence my
> theory above.

Certainly there are some things that wouldn't be useful to share. The
massive amount of WordPerfect byte-group code in libwpd probably isn't
going to be very useful in an MsWorks importer, for example. :) I do
think that the WPXHLListenerImpl interface would be a very good thing
to share between projects though. It just makes creating an
OpenOffice.org document so much easier..
William Lachance

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