Alex Rousskov wrote:
Where does it say that "OSI certified" mark cannot be used with a BSD
license text titled "Foo Open License v1.2"?

I suppose that might be:
"Use of these marks for software that is not distributed under an OSI approved license is an infringement of OSI's certification marks and is against the law."
Found at:

Does "OSI certified" mark usage terms allow placing the mark on a site
that distributes open and not open software?
I have no idea.
On the other hand, the image in question is found at:

But at:
It is stated:
"We insist and ask that you link to the images of your choice instead of saving it on your own server."

So obviously Gluecode has saved the image to its own server, against what was expressly stated at
As to the legal implications of that, I am not qualified to speculate.

Eugene Wee

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