On Thu, 6 May 2004, Guilherme C. Hazan wrote:

> > I do not see a license on their web site. What GlueCode's license is
> > OSI-certified?
> Do you recognise the green icon at left?
> http://www.gluecode.com/website/html/index.html
> See the orange menu? Click the last link: "open source licensing"
> Read it. Isnt it distribution-limited?

The paragraphs you seem to be referring to are not licenses. They only
refer to OSL and ESL licenses.

You have to find their ESL and OSL licenses to claim OSI trademark
infringement, I guess. Did you try asking them for license copies? I
know it is frustrating, but we have to analyse the real thing before
making far-fetching conclusions.

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