On Thu, 6 May 2004, Lawrence Rosen wrote:

> Alex Rousskov wrote:
> > Is there any active cooperation between OSI leaders and CC leaders to
> > build a common interface to "good" software licenses? Or are we going
> > to see yet another fragmentation here?
> What makes you think there isn't already active cooperation?

I did not claim there was not! I asked whether there was.

> I know from personal experience that Larry Lessig and others
> involved in Creative Commons are quite familiar with open source
> licensing, as are we with their creative commons licensing.


> They've got their tasks and we've got ours.  What particular
> projects would you suggest we work on together?

1) A software license creation interface that allows one to create an
   OSI-approved license or public domain designation by answering a
   few basic questions. CC has that for content, but not for software.
   This includes user- and lawyer-friendly versions of licenses and

2) Marketing and behind-the-scenes maintenance of the above. CC does
   that for content licenses (and for Public Domain designations).

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