Actually, I think there are other reasons beyond the lawyer, and
understanding them would be helpful to any hope of progress.

Many people have an idea of how they want to run their business or project
and want a license that is geared to their plans.  Lacking a good
understanding of how hard a different license makes things, they wanta
license that meets their particular goals.



Ian Lance Taylor scripsit:

I don't understand why there are so many licenses, if the open-source
specification is so rigid.

I don't really understand it either. I mean, I know how we got here
step by step, but looking at the situation now it doesn't make much

We have so many licenses because of the Not Invented Here principle: lawyers don't want to adopt the work of other lawyers as is, because how could they justify their fees then?

We really need only about two licenses: a reciprocal one and a non-reciprocal
one.  Perhaps we also need one that is reciprocal as to the code itself, but
not as to larger works in which the code is embedded.

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