There is a new draft of the MySQL FLOSS license exception that is available for public review at exception.txt?v=1.4

The intent of the exception is to allow more Free/Libre and Open Source Software applications to be able to form derivative works with GPL-licensed MySQL software.

No formal OSI review of this exception is requested, however, we are actively seeking input on the process of reviewing and drafting this document.

If you have input to provide, please use the issue tracking system at or directly email me. I do ask that you review the existing issues in our issue tracking system before commenting. See for a list of issues.

If you wish to see the history of the exception, the following links are useful:
* Activity log:
* Changes to the exception text:
* exception.txt
* exception.txt
* The ticket that tracks this review:

Zak Greant
MySQL AB Community Advocate

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