This is probably true. But, the legal basis for the GPL's control over
re-distribution or subsequent distribution is that the underlying work is
either a derivative of the original or the original itself. What is
Microsoft's legal basis? Are they claiming that all works created with their
visual programming tools are derivative works of the tool? derivative works
of the visual programming language? Or, something else? I suspect that if
their licenses reach out to control distribution terms of the copyright
protected work developed by the end-user...then...Houston, we have a

- Rod

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> Isn't the INTENT of the GPL to be incompatible with things like
> the Microsoft EULA?  And the INTENT of the Microsoft EULA to
> be incompatible with the GPL?  So this question is really
> about defeating the purpose of these licenses.  I don't see
> where that's in the spirit of agreeing to them. Why do it?
> Stephen North
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