Well, I'm in Germany, and on my computer I have a German language
version of the EULA. Who holds the copyright on German language
version? The translator or the original author? If the translation has
been done in the US it's work for hire, and the right are most likely
with Microsoft. But all good translations are crafted by translators
working into their mother tongue, so this translation was most likely
done by a German on German soil, so German copyright laws apply which
are different from US laws. And the translator was probably paid by
Microsoft Germany GmbH in Munich, not the Seattle one. Looking at your
e-mail address @yahoo.co.in I'd guess that you're located in India. Is
India even a member of WIPO, and does it honor copyrights? So if I
send a copy of the German language EULA to you in India via the
"opensource.org" mailiing list whose server is probably also located
offshore (China? India? Turks and Caicos?), and Microsoft in Seattle
wants to do something against this, we'll have a pretty interesting
legal situation here with US law, German law, Indian law, and probably
some other laws as well applying...

MTP> <g>
MTP> Can't help asking -

MTP> 1. Is this _license_ redistributable? ;)

MTP> 2. And if you find a means of circumventing the restrictions placed on
MTP>    your copy of  the _software_ by the license,  will you be violating
MTP>    the DMCA?

MTP> </g>

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