Carsten Kuckuk said on Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 08:46:20PM +0200,:

 > done by  a German  on German soil,  so German copyright  laws apply
 > which are different  from US laws. And the  translator was probably
 > paid by Microsoft Germany GmbH in Munich, not the Seattle one.

Enter corporate  strategy. Corporates arrange their  affairs such that
the principal owns all `intellectual property'.  Therefore, the German
subsidiary is most  probably doing only marketing work;  and rights in
works  developed  by the  subsidiary,  if any,  will  vest  in the  US
parent.  That is a  matter of  contractual corporate  arrangement; not
law. So, rights would still vest in the US parent.
 > e-mail address I'd guess that you're located in India. 

 > India even a member of WIPO, and does it honor copyrights?

Definitely yes. From time immemorial. 

 > we'll have a  pretty interesting legal situation here  with US law,
 > German  law, Indian  law,  and  probably some  other  laws as  well
 > applying...

<More Grin> Only that this kind of problem is a bit off topic for this
list; but relevant for most members.

And do go through Rick's post in this thread.
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