Engel Nyst <engel.n...@gmail.com> writes:
>Please do note: if you mean the wiki, I have been able to edit the wiki page,
>with a newly created wiki account. Unless it has been manually approved
>without me requesting it, then this doesn't sound like intended behavior?
>Sorry if I misunderstand.

Thank you.  In Dokuwiki, what we need to do is make user account
creation require admin approval -- in other words, once you get the
account, you can edit, and all the filtering happens on the "get the
account" step.

I've now tweaked our Dokuwiki configuration so that only admins can
grant accounts.  I realize this might seem paranoid to some people, but
open wikis -- including specifically Dokuwikis -- get spam-saturated
very quickly, and open user registration is not a barrier.  There is no
point waiting for it to happen; we might as well prevent it now.

>On a different note. While the comments system has not been ideal, I
>think the point itself to allow and encourage people to ask questions, or
>point out issues with the licenses, is still worth consideration... perhaps
>by encouragement to use this mailing list, instead?

Yes.  It would be nice if there were a link on every license page
pointing to a single shared page about "how to discuss licensing issues
with others at the OSI"... Ahh, exactly what you propose below.  See below.

>I'd suggest to replace the former "Log in to enter a comment" section
>with a line like:
>"If you have questions, please see the <link>FAQ page, or check the
>license-discuss mailing list archive."

Perfect.  I've added this FAQ item now:


Luis, we can point to it from license pages.  Simon, note that I also
made sure http://opensource.org/faq#licence-discussion (with a "c")
works, for those with British reflexes :-).

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