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> >> Good FAQ questions are general, rather than around any specific
> >> license; specific license questions should be addressed by the license
> >> authors. Because of that, I expect that not many comments will get
> >> promoted/rewritten into FAQ questions. But still, making the effort to
> >> review them, just in case, seems worthwhile.
> >>
> >> So: a call for volunteers. It isn't rocket science :) If you want to
> help out:
> >
> > If it is about reading the page(s) and, selecting the comments which
> > can form a FAQ, I can take a stab at starting to go through them. But
> > that'd be next week (and, not *right now* if you were expecting that
> > :))
> >
> > How does that sound ?
> I stepped up for this and then got side-swiped by things I didn't
> anticipate. I apologize about the tardiness. Can someone help me out
> by pointing what I need to do to start working on this?

This particular part of the task is basically done (though there are still
a few things I need to review). It would still be very useful to tackle the
followup task I discussed here:


Basically, collect information about licenses (canonical version, license
approval discussion, etc.) so that we can start beefing up license
information pages.

Someone has already started doing this a little bit in the wiki:

But still lots of work to do.

Thanks, sankarshan (and anyone else who wants to pitch in!)
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