I did some work to extend the qt-gui plugin to manage the gpg keys for secure icqing. The attached diff compiles with the current cvs. It would be nice to have some feedback :).
I moved the the gpg key information to the ICQUser class so the old entries (in the licq_gpg.conf) can stil be used but not be managed. The user menu got two new entries to enable/disable encryption and set the key for the user. The main menu got an entry to open a key manager to do the configuration in a global dialog. The user in the main view got additional icons to see if a key is installed and if encryption is enabled (stole the icon from kgpg ;) ).
I yet don't know what to do with the old config file. I suggest to read it one time if no information are found and ignore it from then on.
What do you think about the "Set GPG Key" item in the user menu. As you only need to set the key once it could annoy after some time? Is it enough if the "add key" dialog is displayed the first time encryption is enabled (for that user) and accessible through the key manager?
There are stil some things to do, but most parts are working. Please don't try and compile it without gpgme installed, this won't do for now.


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