> Yes I am referring to toForm but note that you can provide your own
> template. Please see formTemplate.

I did, thanks for the pointer. formTemplate applies to the record as a
whole, right? If I want to render a record differently, I could set
different templates one after the other - even though this introduces
more evil state dependence.

Just trying to figure out how to how to solve my case where a field is
supposed to be rendered differently in different contexts - a single
asXHtml variable doesn't seem to allow this.

Also, all the formatting happens in what I thought was the DB
abstraction layer, which still makes context-sensitive formatting
difficult (again, as I understand things right know) - it's just
personal style, but I like to keep control flow and view stuff outside
my data models.

But record promises to give me a lot more flexibility than mapper,
that's great.

> I think the existent scaladocs can
> be quite helpful.

Point taken ;-)

> Nevertheless for youimediate needs the Record is probably not very
> relevant yet as DB for Recrd is not yet implemented. I was just
> pointing out that forms&form validations are consistently provided by
> Record. I think there is still some level of validation in mappers but
> I haven't played with it yet ...

Oh, the validation is working just fine with mapper. It's only the
lack of flexibility with respect to automated output that's I'm
talking about.


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