Given the continued instability of Scala Actors, I've decided to remove them
from Lift.

Specifically, I'm migrating CometActors to sit on top of Lift's Actors.
But, you'll also be able to use Akka Actors to power Lift's CometActors.
Specifically, I'm working with Jonas to make sure that we share a common
interface to Actors.

I've gotten Lift nearly completely migrated over to Lift's Actors on the
dpp_wip_actorize branch.  See

There will be some breaking changes to your applications.  Specifically:

   - Box will be moved to a new package, net.liftweb.base (this is where the
   interface for Actors will live as well)
   - If you make any assumptions about your CometActors being Scala Actors
   (e.g., using linking), you will have to rewrite this code
   - Some methods in Lift that currently take Scala Actors as parameters
   will take Lift Actors (e.g., ActorPing)

There will be a parallel Maven repository with the new Lift Actor stuff in
it so you will be able to build you apps against the new code before the
official switch-over.

Milestone 6 (which should be out next week) will be based on the existing
Actor model.  After we get feedback from the community about the new Actor
stuff, we will switch -SNAPSHOT over to the new Actor stuff.

Questions, thoughts, or comments?



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