What's the reason to have a new module (lift-base)? Why not put Actor to
lift-util and keep Box where it is?
In your branch def !?(timeout: Long, param: T) will return an Option.
Shouldn't this be a Box?


2009/9/29 David Pollak <feeder.of.the.be...@gmail.com>

> Folks,
> Given the continued instability of Scala Actors, I've decided to remove
> them from Lift.
> Specifically, I'm migrating CometActors to sit on top of Lift's Actors.
> But, you'll also be able to use Akka Actors to power Lift's CometActors.
> Specifically, I'm working with Jonas to make sure that we share a common
> interface to Actors.
> I've gotten Lift nearly completely migrated over to Lift's Actors on the
> dpp_wip_actorize branch.  See
> http://github.com/dpp/liftweb/tree/dpp_wip_actorize
> There will be some breaking changes to your applications.  Specifically:
>    - Box will be moved to a new package, net.liftweb.base (this is where
>    the interface for Actors will live as well)
>    - If you make any assumptions about your CometActors being Scala Actors
>    (e.g., using linking), you will have to rewrite this code
>    - Some methods in Lift that currently take Scala Actors as parameters
>    will take Lift Actors (e.g., ActorPing)
> There will be a parallel Maven repository with the new Lift Actor stuff in
> it so you will be able to build you apps against the new code before the
> official switch-over.
> Milestone 6 (which should be out next week) will be based on the existing
> Actor model.  After we get feedback from the community about the new Actor
> stuff, we will switch -SNAPSHOT over to the new Actor stuff.
> Questions, thoughts, or comments?
> Thanks,
> David
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