Ahhhhh. In that case, does this help:

     Menu(Loc("Some", List("some","page"), "Some",
       EarlyResponse(() => {
        // do some response here,
         // return Empty if you dont want
         // a response but a filter style
         // intercept.

Does that help?

Cheers, Tim

On 23 Oct 2009, at 17:07, Chris Lewis wrote:

> Hi Tim,
> I don't specifically want to rewrite anything. What I want is to be  
> able
> to run some initialization code when a specific page is requested.  
> As I
> said, I'm writing a google app engine app that uses google's
> authentication service to auth users (using their google account). I'm
> instructing the auth service to returned the authenticated user to  
> their
> home page, a page protected and mapped via SiteMap. However, if it's
> their first time logging in, I need to bootstrap them in my app.
> Rewriting was suggested by Jeppe, and I had thought that way might  
> work.
> It doesn't seem to, b/c Lift doesn't appear to fire the rewriters on
> URLs mapped in SiteMap.
> I'm not married to the idea of rewrites to solve this problem, I just
> need a non-snippet way to solve it.
> -chris
> Timothy Perrett wrote:
>> Chris,
>> SiteMap deals with what pages you are saying should be visible. Here,
>> I term "page" as the physical xhtml  file that represents the stuff
>> the users sees - its a file on your system.
>> Rewritten URLs dont need to feature in SiteMap because lift is clever
>> enough to know that the page you are rewriting to already has (or has
>> not) been allowed access via sitemap.
>> Sounds like your trying to add rewritten URLs to your sitemap?
>> Cheers, Tim
>> PS: Jeppe, thanks for the link recycling!!
>> On 23 Oct 2009, at 16:43, Chris Lewis wrote:
>>> Thanks for that link, however it doesn't seem like rewrite rules  
>>> fire
>>> for paths that are mapped in the SiteMap. Can anyone confirm that? I
>>> could have the redirect point to a non-existing URL, and do logic +
>>> rewrite there. I'm curious though, are rewrites considered if the  
>>> URL
>>> matches a page in the SiteMap?
>>> Jeppe Nejsum Madsen wrote:
>>>> Chris Lewis <burningodzi...@gmail.com> writes:
>>>>> Hi list,
>>>>> I'm working on an appengine app, and need to store some user
>>>>> information. I authenticate the user with their google account,
>>>>> and I
>>>>> need to create their "local" entity only if it's their first time
>>>>> logging in.
>>>>> When a user logs in via google, they are redirected back to your
>>>>> app, to
>>>>> a URL of your choosing. My thought was to catch the request as it
>>>>> comes
>>>>> back and, if it's their first time logging in, create a User
>>>>> entity. My
>>>>> question then is how can I do this without:
>>>>> a) Using a snippet, called from the return landing page and  
>>>>> emitting
>>>>> NodeSeq.Empty - hack.
>>>>> b) Using custom dispatch and then redirecting. That may work, but
>>>>> it's
>>>>> an unneeded round trip.
>>>>> Any thoughts? Thanks!
>>>> Not sure if the landing page is static, has parameters etc and what
>>>> you
>>>> want to do afterwards.
>>>> Assume you need to render some template and the landing page is not
>>>> static (if it is you could just use a normal Loc) I would probably
>>>> wrap
>>>> the landing page in a RewriteRequest, and when a match is made, do
>>>> the
>>>> user creation/lookup thing and then just render the template.
>>>> Tim wrote and article about rewriting
>>>> http://blog.getintheloop.eu/2009/5/3/url-rewriting-with-the-lift-framework
>>>> Also, I've been using the Locs from CRUDify as an example of how to
>>>> do
>>>> more custom-type Locs with rewriting.....
>>>> /Jeppe
> >

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