I feel like I need to take a break from working *on* Lift for a little
while, but I'd like to do something with my time that would still benefit
Lift. Since we had a recent discussion on ticketing systems, and we had
talked a long time ago about dogfooding a ticket system, I thought that this
might make a good project to work on. I like the simplicity of the GitHub
issue tracking, but I think it's missing some important things:

   1. Email notifications
   2. Duplicate tracking
   3. Release planning fields like milestones, etc

I do like the integration with Git commit hashes and other intelligent
hyperlinking in the comment space, but I'm on the fence as to whether I like
using tags as a generic tool for things like ownership and component
classification. I could probably be persuaded either way. In any case, does
this seem like a good project, and if so, do people have requirements,
suggestions, comments, etc. on the functionality that should be in it?



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