On Tue, Dec 22, 2009 at 05:45:52PM +0100, martin odersky wrote:
> But I need to know how to build lift with a 2.8.0 compiler. Or 
> alternatively, if a kind soul can send me a lift 2.8.0 tarball with 
> all the classfiles in there I can take it from there.

FYI until you have git you can always download a tarball snapshot of the 
current head at github.  There's a "download" link here:


Except you need the 280_port branch, so here:


And that download link goes here:


Assuming that gets the files it should, typing "mvn install" will try to 
build with 2.80 Beta1 RC3.  To use RC5 edit pom.xml with this diff:

-    <scala.version>2.8.0.Beta1-RC3</scala.version>
+    <scala.version>2.8.0.Beta1-RC5</scala.version>

Instructions from earlier in this thread should get you to the point 
where you can build with the local compiler.

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