ZmnSCPxj <> writes:
> Ha, no, looking at the detailed `SIGHASH_NOINPUT` spec, `hashPrevouts`, which 
> normally commits to the other inputs, is blanked, so we do not commit to them 
> either.  This means that `SIGHASH_NOINPUT` implicitly has a 
> (the BIP `SIGHASH_NOINPUT` in the eltoo pdf does not mention `hashSequence`, 
> but it seems you managed to add that to your github BIP repository)

Yeah, Russell O'Connor pointed that difference out and I saw no point in
committing to the hashSequence, so I amended both the paper and the
BIP. The paper will get updated in a few days with the typos people have
found, but I thought that the BIP discussion was more urgent to keep up
to date, so I pushed that directly :-)
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