Carsten Otto <> writes:
> the paper is a bit confusing regarding the setup transaction, as it is
> not described formally. There also seems to be a mixup of "setup
> transaction" and "funding transaction", also named T_{u,0} without
> showing it in the diagrams.

The setup transaction is simply a transaction that spends some funds and
creates a single output, which has the script from Figure 2, but since
that would be a forward reference, I decided to handwave and call it a
multisig. A simple fix would be to change the setup phase bullet point
at the beginning of section 3, would that be sufficient?

> In 3.1 the funding transaction is described as funding "to a multisig
> address". In the description of trigger transactions the change is
> described as "The output from the setup transaction is changed into a
> simple 2-of-2 multisig output" - which it already is?

If instead of calling it a multisig we call it a multiparty output and
reference the script in Figure 2, that'd be addressed as well.

> As far as I understand the situation, the trigger transaction is needed
> because the broadcasted initial/funding/setup transaction includes an
> OP_CLV, which then starts the timer and could lead to premature
> settlement. Removing OP_CLV (and having in a transaction that is only
> published later when it is needed), i.e. by changing it to a simple
> multisig output, seems to solve this issue.
> Could you (Christian?) explain how the "setup transaction" is supposed
> to look like without the changes described in section 4.2?

Well, it has arbitrary inputs, and a single output with the script from
Figure 2, in the non-trigger case, and in the trigger case it'd be just
a `2 A B 2 OP_CMSV`.
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