This is now implemented (server side) in c-lightning/master:

(Note that c-lightning doesn't yet *use* the r= information:
 implementations should start doing that now though!)

You can test against both my mainnet and testnet nodes:

 id: 024b9a1fa8e006f1e3937f65f66c408e6da8e1ca728ea43222a7381df1cc449605
 alias: BLUEIRON-v0.6.1rc2-81-g3ce53ab
 addresses:, 2400:6180:0:d0::5cd2:a001, vww5i3z3fvfkxylz.onion

 id: 031a3478d481b92e3c28810228252898c5f0d82fc4d07f5210c4f34d4aba56b769
 addresses:, 2604:a880:2:d0::2065:5001

You can autogenerate an invoice for testnet with:

If there's insufficient incoming capacity, this *won't* produce an 'r'
hint, but will issue a warning.


Rusty Russell <> writes:
> Hi all,
>         I'm considering a change to c-lightning, where `invoice` would
> automatically append an 'r' field for a channel which has sufficient
> *incoming* capacity for the amount (using a weighted probability across
> our peers).
>          This isn't quite what 'r' was for, but it would be a useful
> hint for payment routing and also potentially for establishing an
> initial channel.  This is an issue for the Blockstream Store which
> deliberately doesn't advertize an address any more to avoid
> centralization.
> Thoughts welcome!
> Rusty.
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