Follow-up: here's more detailed info on the data I collected and
potential savings we could achieve:

I made hourly routing table backups for 12 days, and collected routing
information for 17 000 channel ids.

There are 130 000 different channel updates :on average each channel
has been updated 8 times. Here, “different” means that at least the
timestamp has changed, and a node would have queried this channel
update during its syncing process.

But only 18 000 pairs of channel updates carry actual fee and/or HTLC
value change. 85% of the time, we just queried information that we
already had!

Adding a basic checksum (4 bytes for example) that covers fees and
HTLC min/max value to our channel range queries would be a significant
improvement and I will add this the open BOLT 1.1 proposal to extend
queries with timestamps.

I also think that such a checksum could also be used
- in “inventory” based gossip messages
- in set reconciliation schemes: we could reconcile [channel id |
timestamp | checksum] first


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