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It may be helpful to remember that "cross-asset" need not mean "cross-chain"; 
for example, the RGB project strives to create assets committed on the Bitcoin 
blockchain, in such a way that it would be possible to put them into Lightning 
Thus this "proof-of-not-my-fault" apply to cross-asset swaps on the same 
How about same-asset swaps across blockchains, e.g. RSK to Liquid?

Of course the most obvious way, to create a unique assets, involves creating a 
unique blockchain for it, but the argument applies regardless for a multi-asset 


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On Tuesday, January 8, 2019 9:27 PM, Corné Plooy via Lightning-dev 
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> True, as soon as this measure gets implemented (which AFAIK is not the
> case right now). However, the attack is not free.
> The victim interfaces between two different Lightning networks, each
> operating a different asset, possibly on a different block chain (so
> that proof of channel closuse on one side cannot be understood on the
> other side) or even using a completely different technology. The problem
> of the victim arises when an exchange transaction arrives from network
> A, the victim forwards it on network B, and then the transaction gets
> stalled. The victim can demand a proof that something went wrong on
> network B, but cannot propagate that proof on network A. Since the
> victim cannot propagate a valid proof, the victim will be penalized on
> network A.
> My point is: the victim can still demand a proof that something went
> wrong on network B. To stall the transaction, the attacker must be
> controlling the node on network B that is doing the stalling. The same
> anti-spam measure that penalizes the victim on network A also
> penalizes the attacking node on network B.
> The penalties may not be the same: maybe on-chain fees are much lower on
> chain B than on chain A. Still, the anti-spam measure should somewhat
> reduce the attractiveness of this attack.
> On 08-01-19 06:11, Rusty Russell wrote:
> > ZmnSCPxj via Lightning-dev writes:
> >
> > > HTLCs as American Call Option, or, How Lightning Currently Cannot Work 
> > > Across Assets, or, An Argument For Single-Asset Lightning Network
> > > Interesting. FWIW, I believe that multi-asset LN will fail for a
> > > related, but different reason: to prevent long-lived spam payments we
> > > may require proof that something went wrong (ie. channel unilateral
> > > close tx). That won't be valid if it's from a different network,
> > > resulting in the exchange point itself being penalized. Thus they are
> > > vulnerable to such a DoS.
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> > Rusty.
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