Ecurrencyhodler Blockchains <> writes:
>    1. Bob wants to send me 100,000 sats.
>    2. My node just came online and has 0 inbound liquidity.
>    3. I create an invoice for 100,000 sats.  My LN node recognizes I have 0
>    inbound liquidity so my wallet also embeds my URI in the invoice.
>    4. Bob’s wallet sees an invoice + uri.  Maybe even tries to route.  When
>    it doesn’t see anything, it auto opens a channel + pushes 100,000 sat
>    payment.
>    5. I now own and can spend 100,000 sats instantly.

If you publish your node address, Bob can already get this from the
gossip network, or the DNS seed as a last resort (and I expect
implementations to start doing this: I did it manually to buy a ticket recently, for example).

So this proposal is mainly useful where you have no channels at all
(thus cannot advertize your node), or don't want to publish it
generally.  And in both those cases, Bob probably doesn't want a channel
with you because it wouldn't be useful for paying anyone else.

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