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> On 18.09.2016 13:54, Andrew Bernard wrote:

>> What is it exactly that you are expecting a quartic to give you?
> Oh, I think you’re quite overestimating the amount of in-depth mathematical 
> background I had – I just thought: ‘A 3rd order Bézier curve can have one 
> turning point, but I need two turning points, so I’d need a 4th order 
> Bézier’. Which I now see is wrong, after some experimenting with the 
> interactive fields in that article you linked: it requires a 5th order Bézier 
> for that, and then it already gets quite unhandy.

Curves of higher polynomial order did not catch on, because they are not 
stable: small changes in the input variables can sometimes cause dramatic 
effects in the output curve.

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