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> in this thread
> http://lilypond.1069038.n5.nabble.com/Alternate-scheme-text-spanner-ignores-spacers-td195195.html
> you researched the cause for problems while attaching TextSpanner to
> spacers using custom-scheme-engravers.
> May it be possible the problem is present in the original .cc-coded as well?
> At least I don't see any problem with attached TextSpanners as soon as
> I change a spacer to a real note-event in Rutger's code:

It appears to be related to the X-position of the right-bound text:
if it's too far to the left, it won't be printed.

Change the right-padding override in your example to 10, and the text
will also disappear.

By the way, I read in Rutger's original snippet:

 % Need padding to keep at the same vertical position:

This appears to be a misunderstanding of what
bound-details.right.padding is.  It controls the X-position of the
spanner endpoint.  It's not a measure of the distance from the staff,
for which you'd need TextSpanner.padding, or


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