On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 8:26 AM, Rutger Hofman <rut...@cs.vu.nl> wrote:
> Thanks for all the help! First I post some rationale, then my real question,
> which is targeted at the developers I guess.
> The behaviour I am after is a thing I really do want: it is visually
> confusing if the 'a tempo' comes halfway the 'poco rit.)' when it is clearly
> meant to be after it.
> I am afraid that solutions involving staff-padding are not general enough;
> if I try to move the \markup{a tempo} in my example to the beginning of its
> bar, there is no value for right.text padding or staff-padding that lets it
> be both visible and at the same vertical position. And even then I am unsure
> if it will work for all 14 instrument parts (the tempo indications are
> needed in all), the skyline can be wildly different.

I'm having difficulty understanding exactly what it is that you want
or why the solutions presented are insufficient.  Is it possible to
provide some sort of mockup--if if hand-drawn--to show exactly how
you'd like this to look?

> OK... Now for the real question.
> I am really unenlightened why the right.text (or for that matter, both
> left.text and right.text if the padding is chosen sufficiently large)
> disappears for largish values of padding. After all, the padding is intended
> to stretch outside the texts, isn't that correct?
> For a quick attempt to see if things crash or whatever if this test is
> disabled, I cloned git and built on my Ubuntu, verified quickly that the
> unmodified install works, then commented out that test (line 329 in
> lily/line-spanner.cc) and ran again. Lo and behold, everything looks OK in
> my first quick tests.
> I am not familiar with Lilypond internals, so this raises my question: what
> is this test for? What problems does it guard against? Should it only hold
> for other spanners than text spanners? Or for right-broken text spanners?
> Etc. Or is it just a bug/feature silently living on from the past?

When I fiddled around this a few days ago, the dashed line would
disappear when doing this.  Modifying the code to show the dashed line
again (another condition) shows the line superimposed on the right

I can't investigate this further/pass along my test code for you to
investigate, b/c unfortunately I'm having a file permissions disaster
on my Win10 system.


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