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in this thread
you researched the cause for problems while attaching TextSpanner to
spacers using custom-scheme-engravers.

May it be possible the problem is present in the original .cc-coded as well?

At least I don't see any problem with attached TextSpanners as soon as
I change a spacer to a real note-event in Rutger's code:

It appears to be related to the X-position of the right-bound text:
if it's too far to the left, it won't be printed.

Change the right-padding override in your example to 10, and the text
will also disappear.

ly:line-spanner::print considers the properties left-bound-info and
right-bound-info.  It returns '() if the sum of left.padding and
right.padding is greater than the distance between the left and right
ends of the spanner (as determined from "X" and "Y" stored in
bound-details).  I can't say I follow the thinking, but that's what
causes nothing to be printed when right.padding is set too high.

(The variable for padding is confusingly named "gaps" in the code, by the way.)


For starters: thanks to you all for thinking along, and searching for an analysis (and hopefully fix).

The 'solution' of suppressing the spanner under these conditions doesn't sound immediately logical to me. And this suppression only struck my eye for spanners that cross a line break; which doesn't imply that it cannot occur otherwise of course.


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