I’ve used Lilypond extensively—especially for organ music—and have never seen 
noteheads in a chord appear on the wrong side of the stem. Unfortunately, I 
can’t reproduce the enclosed problem in a minimal example because the same code 
works fine in a file by itself. This is in the left hand of an organ part, and 
I’m using 2.19.39, though I tried it with the latest version as well with the 
same result. However, the chords look fine with 2.18, but using that version 
that isn’t an option because it creates many other (and more significant) 
issues. If I put the stem direction up, the chords also look fine … but, of 
course, they all need to be stems down. This was also happening in one 
right-hand chord in a subsequent bar, but ultimately I changed that chord 
slightly and it’s no longer an issue there. This only seems to happen with 
(some) triads …

I’m using a choir & organ template generated from within Frescobaldi … this 
happens no where else in the 86-bar piece, and no errors are generated when 

The code for the example is below, but, like I said, it works just fine out of 
the context of my piece: 

<g bes d>8 <g bes d>16 <f a! c> <g bes d>8[ <a c e>] <g bes d> <a c e>

Any thoughts?


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