Hum, well there's another possible workaround, a bad one, but works:

%% Snipp:

\version "2.19"

\relative c' {
  \clef F
  \time 3/4
  \key f\major
  <g bes d>8 <g bes d>16 <f a! c> <g bes d>8[
  <\tweak NoteHead.extra-offset #'(-1.2 . 0)\tweak NoteHead.rotation #90 a
c e>]
  <g bes d> <\tweak NoteHead.extra-offset #'(-1.2 . 0)\tweak
NoteHead.rotation #90 a c e>


2016-10-18 15:37 GMT+02:00 DJF <>:

> 2016-10-17 10:09 GMT+02:00 Pierre Perol-Schneider <pierre.
> Hi Dan,
>> At least you'll find a workaround here:
>> On Oct 18, 2016, at 3:43 AM, Pierre Perol-Schneider <
>>> wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> One silly question: Does that change anything if you don't force the A
> natural sign; e.g.:
> <g bes d>8 <g bes d>16 <f a c> <g bes d>8[ <a c e>] <g bes d> <a c e>
> ??
> Cheers,
> Pierre
> Pierre, I appreciate your stab at a work-around. While the LSR you
> mentioned does help get all the note heads in the right spot, the major
> side effect is that the 8th note beams disappear. So that I could “go to
> press”, I did use that code, however, and graphically inserted some beams
> into the final PDF. Not ideal, to be sure … but it was better than the
> alternative!
> And no, removing the forced A natural sign doesn’t change anything.
> 2016-10-17 9:48 GMT+02:00 Davide Liessi <>:
>>> 2016-10-17 3:46 GMT+02:00 DJF <>:
>>> > Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the enclosed problem in a minimal
>>> example because the same code works fine in a file by itself.
>>> "Minimal example" means that if you remove anything the problem is
>>> gone, so if the code works in what you call a minimal example, that
>>> was *not* a minimal example for your problem: sometimes bugs are
>>> encountered only in long scores.
> Davide, I do understand the concept of a minimal example … it’s just that
> I couldn’t get to that point. I really had tried myriad things to isolate
> the issue. In the past, I have spent weeks working on some little (but
> important) problems and usually I find the solution before seeking help
> from the list. I just didn’t have weeks to spend this time, and this
> particular problem seemed so random in comparison. If you really want to
> see the score, send me a private note, but, as I’ve mentioned above, I had
> to finish it so I could move on to other things. Unsolved mysteries are
> irksome, though!
> Best wishes,
> Dan
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